Become a Social Magnet - The 3 Secrets You Should Know

Published: 23rd April 2010
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Do you ever admire someone at a party or conference? How they seem to draw everyone towards them, making people laugh and always attracting the attention of the opposite sex. Social magnets are not necessarily young or old, wealthy or good looking. But they have something about them, power and boundless energy, which gives them tremendous pulling power. How did they become like this? Below are some important tips on how to become a social magnet:


You need to be of value to the person you interact with. This does not have to include wealth, beauty or social status. It can include wisdom, maturity and security. The possibility of providing fun and entertainment is also a great pulling power. The more value you give, the greater the pulling power you will have. You need to focus on the assets that you have, enhance them and use them to their full benefit i.e. if maturity and wisdom are your most valuable assets, use these to your advantage. Showing great knowledge and worldly experience would be valuable to a great range of people including ones newly starting up a business, starting a family or to ones making a difficult decision at a crucial point in their life. Can you see how these people would be instantly drawn towards you, causing you to become a social magnet?


Listening to conversations rather than participating can confine you to becoming a wall flower. Seek as many interactions as you can and seek to consistently add social value or "fun" to the interaction. For example, talk spontaneously to the person standing beside you, or the one waiting in line for the buffet with you. Perhaps you need to prepare some opening lines or questions beforehand to start you off i.e. I'm sure I've seen you before but I can't think where? Or what do you think of the food? A key tip is to try and remember interesting details about the individuals you interact with. These details come in handy if you meet again i.e. how was that trip you were planning? How are your wife and children? The individual will instantly warm towards you and be convinced of your attention towards them, causing you become a social magnet.


Serious personalities do not add any social value. They can cause intimidation and alienation. These personalities can be very difficult to approach because you're not sure of the response you will receive. Whereas a fun and social personality is easy to talk to and can instantly lighten the atmosphere. Some people choose to drone on about how terrible their job is or how their health is failing and the misery of day to day life. I'm afraid, nobody is interested. But start making fun of your boss and make light of your health and people will laugh and be drawn towards you.

The key tip to become a social magnet is making light of everyday life and not to take everything too seriously. With continuing enthusiasm and energy shown in social interactions, people will be drawn towards you instantly. Once you have built up a social network, you will find that you don't have to try so hard and will have a support team behind you providing you with a further boost.

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